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Miniature Galaxy ®

Miniature Galaxy ®

Miniature Galaxy ®

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Regardless of what you call our universe of stars and planets, there is no denying how fascinating and beautiful it really is. Just relax and feel the stress melt away! 

Studies show lights that mimic stars help reduce stress and anxiety.

Your own private light show

The Miniature Galaxy projects a realistic starry night sky onto the walls and ceilings. It’s your own personal galaxy!

Built-in Mini Speaker 
Sound activation will make a twinkling light change patterns to the beat of the music, connect your smart phone or tablet via bluetooth.
So, whether your looking to improve your sleep or have a sparkling party at night, the Miniature Galaxy is for you!

-10 soothing color options. 
-Can project single or multi-colored Ocean wave lighting effects.  You pick and mix.
-Remote control included and Timer setting (Auto shut off option)

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